Admin: Taxes Setup

1.      In admin, under Locations/Taxes, click on "Tax Zones"
2.      Click on the "new zone" button. In the Zone Name: input field I enter "CA".
3.      For Description I enter "California". Click on "insert"
4.      After you click insert, you will see CA show up in the list. You think you're done, but not quite!
5.      Click on the "CA" (or whatever name you have!) in the list and you will see the heading say "Geographical Zones / CA"
6.      Here you see a "new zone" button again. Click on it!
7.      Now you get to select a geographical zone. From Country, I Select United States.
8.      From Region, Select California. Click "update"
9.      A few more steps to go! Now under "Locations/Taxes" click on "Tax Rates"
10.  Click on "new tax rate" button
11.  Select "Taxable Goods" from the Tax Class Title drop down menu
12.  From the Zone menu, select CA (or whatever zone you created)
13.  In the Tax Rate field enter the tax percentage
14.  In the Description, enter the description, e.g. "California Sales Tax"
Now you're done!