Conventions, Terms and Assumptions

Throughout this guide, you will notice heavy use of directory path notation, references to file locations, and other key terms. It is important to realize that primarily, these terms are for Unix/Linux based computers. Windows based machines use different terms and procedures which are documented in the Windows section of the guide. If you are using Windows, skip to that section.  Whenever you come across a term that is unfamiliar, please refer back to this section.
Additionally, this guide makes several assumptions about your first installation. First, we assume you will install your cart in the /catalog sub directory of your document root. We also assume you will install your cart administration in the /admin sub directory of the document root. All code examples are dependent on these assumptions. We suggest you make your first installation exactly match our example installation for reference purposes. Of course, you can install the cart or admin into any directory you like, but be sure to change he paths to reflect the new locations, or your cart will not work.
Key Terms: