About OSCdox

OSCdox was started to create much needed documentation for osCommerce. Although osCommerce is a spectacular software achievement, the documentation was virtually nonexistent. This meant inevitable frustration for the users of osCommerce.  
The osCommerce Installation and Modification guide was originally a rough collection of procedures that were pulled together from my notes and e-mails. I placed it online as a .pdf for others to download, and after about 1000 downloads and e-mails the first week, I decided that a more comprehensive guide was needed. In addition, I thought a web site to support the development of the guide, and to answer the inevitable questions that would arise, was also necessary. Thus, OSCdox - The osCommerce Documentation Project was born.  
OSCdox has gone through several versions and re-writes, and 4 translations to date. The distribution format of the guide has also changed several times. First, it was in .doc (MS word XP) format, then .pdf (Adobe Acrobat 5.0) and finally HTML. Because of the ease of modification, simplicity and easy accessibility, this and all future versions will be HTML and online.
If you are interested in joining the OSCdox team, contributing content, or  translating the guide to your native language, please contact me at admin@oscdox.com or visit http://www.oscdox.com
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